Why CoachME?

Coach ME, is the very first digital platform that provides transformational coaching at your convenience.
Coach ME will enable and empower you to move from where you are to where you desire to be. We live in times where great ideas, dreams and aspirations have become a common commodity. However, the skill required to achieve greatness and impact the world is lacking. We currently live in a time where people are filled with great ideas, desires and dreams that could possibly change and impact the world. The problem is that most people don’t get the right help and support towards making their dreams a reality.

“Everyone Needs a Coach”-Bill Gates

This platform is an invitation for you to get connected to about a hundred certified life coaches at your convenience,that can guide you through career, business, marriage harmony, productivity, life and well-being, efficiency, mental imbalance challenges.Take ownership of your life. Get coached!

What You Get


Coach ME will guide you through a journey of reassessment and redefinition which would lead you to taking actions and moulding you into the best version of yourself..


Regardless of your environment, you can be coached by one of our certified coaches at the convenience of your home or office.


Don’t put a hole in your pockets, sessions with any of the Coach ME certified coaches is affordable. Select your preference and start your session.










User Reviews

“ I got what I needed from the session, which is someone caring to talk to and to understand. I even got more! I got an assignment which will force me to delve deeper beneath the surface of my issues. Just what I need. Thank you very much.”


Coached by Stephanie Kadiri

“ She helped me achieve the goal i set out to achieve when i started out this session. She guided me and i am grateful to her for her time and guidance”


Coached by Martha Akanji

“ My coach was friendly, made me feel free and relaxed. Was very explanatory, encouraging and helpful to me. Will love to have him coach me next time”


Coached by Felix Rwang Dung

“I Love the Coach his Attentiveness and Active Listening. He is very responsive and pays attention to details”


Coached by Ben Jemirade

How to Start a Session

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